Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing
25 Years of Industry Experience!

In-House PCB Capabilities
Layer Count:
1-8 Layers
FR-4, FR-5, FR-6, CEM, Flex
Min Plated Holes:
PTH Tolerance:
Min Aspect Ratio:
6:1 (THK:DHS)
Finished Copper:
Up to 8 ounces
Routing Tolerance:
Min Trace / Space:
0.004" / 0.004"
Board Thickness:
0.005" - 0.125"
Surface Finish:
Gold Tabs, Peelable Mask, Selective Gold, Carbon Ink & Score
CAD Formats:
All Gerber formats (RS274X preferred), .DXF, HPGL1 & HPGL2

  • Digital Scanning Available
  • 1 & 2 Day Turn-arounds Available!
  • Unique "In by 9am, Out by 5pm" prototype PCB service - Ask about details!
  • Underwriters Laboratory Approved 94V-0
  • GM, Visteon and Ford Approved Vendor

Klingelnberg NC Drill Machine

Svecia Screen Printer

Overseas General Capabilities
(partners with 14 Asian manufacturers)
Layer Count:
1-22 Layers
Panel Size:
21" x 28"
CEM-1, CEM-3, FR-4, 140 Tg and 175 Tg, Rogers 4000 series, Getek (and equivalent), GIL GML 10
Innerlayer Copper:
Up to 5 ounces
Routing Tolerance:
IL Line and Space:
0.003" / 0.003"
OL Line and Space:
0.004" / 0.004"
Board Thickness:
0.010" - 0.250"
Surface Finish:
HASL, OSP, Immersion Silver, Immersion Tin, Electroless Nickel, Immersion Gold, Electrolytic Gold
Blind and Buried vias, Micro vias, Vias in pads, Selective Gold, Soft Gold, Peelable Soldermask (Glossy and Matte; Green, Blue, Black, Red, White and Yellow), Net List testing
Controlled Impedence:
10% standard, 5% advanced

  • All partner facilities are ISO 9002 certified
  • All facilities are UL approved
  • Some facilities QS 9000

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