Electronic Assembly

Hughes Electronics is a full service Contract Electronic Manufacture specializing in assembly of SMT and Through Hole mixed technology PCBA’s. Our skilled personnel will use state-of-the art equipment and years of experience to design a control plan to achieve each manufacturing requirement. Our philosophy is that reliable performance is the result of successfully coordinating a variety of processes and giving proper attention to every aspect of your electronic assemblies. Program management and attention to detail will ensure customer satisfaction and a job well done.

SMT Machines

  • Automated SMT placement with true “on the fly” vertical alignment technology.
  • Upward vision camera system for fine pitch components and BGA ball inspection.
  • Capable of all fine pitch IC’s, uBGA’s and 01005 package chips.
  • High speed and high precision electrically driven feeders.

Selective Solder

  • Selective Solder process with Nitrogen enhancement.
  • Repeatable “Robotic Motion” to maximize production.
  • Continuous generation of Nitrogen supplied to the soldering environment.

AOI & Inspection

  • Automated Optical Inspection of all SMT placements.
  • Advanced Image Processing Technology
  • Automated inspection for solder defects, lead defects, component presence and position, and correct part /polarity.

Placement Station

  • Manual SMT placement machines for efficient & effective prototype builds.
  • Setup & build of electronic assemblies without production packaged parts.
  • Build prototypes with some production intent processes: Machine screen the solder paste with a stencil. Place components vertically into the paste and Reflow solder in an oven.

Additional Processes

  • Wave Soldering
  • X-Ray Inspection
  • In house Device Programming
  • Final Assembly & Test
  • Conformal Coating
  • Kit Builds
  • Cable Assembly