LED light has come to all sectors of industry. It is the lighting source of the future, providing efficient low power vibrant light that lasts years longer than conventional light. Hughes Electronics Product’s customers supply LED light to automobiles, hospital rooms, advertising signs, workstations and general machinery, to name a few.

Many of these designs have been built with industry standard FR-4 based printed circuit board (PCB) material. The material is chosen based on the heat a LED circuit creates and must dissipate. Some designs require aluminum back or aluminum core PCBs to dissipate the heat created at the die of high-power LED light. Hughes Electronics has a high-level understanding of thermal management and the materials needed to achieve long lasting product life. We have 15 years of experience recommending, supplying, and assembling LED based Printed Circuit Board assemblies.

LED PCB assemblies are sensitive to static electricity. All Electronic Printed Circuit Board Assemblies manufactured at Hughes Electronics are handled in a ESD safe environment.

Please contact us with any inquiries you may have about our turnkey electronic assemblies for LED lighting.