Supplier of Printed Circuit Boards

Hughes Electronics Products has 30 plus years of experience fabricating bare Printed Circuit Boards. Fabrication began in 1982 and continued for more than three decades. During this time we were one of the few companies that Fabricated & Assembled Printed Circuit Boards. Today, we are still a supplier of bare Printed Circuit Boards but we source & supply boards from an established network of domestic and overseas manufactures. All vendors are ISO certified companies with modern facilities.

We can provide high quality Prototype too Production bare PC boards tooled for easy transition to manual or automated assembly. Standard deliveries are dependent on the complexity and quantity requested. A typical fabrication cycle for Prototype quantities is 5-10 days. Expedited deliveries are available upon request. Price quotes available in 24 hours or less.

Standard Process Capabilities

Shop Tolerance Inches Millimeter
Minimum Outer and Inner Line and Space .0025" 0.63mm
Layer to Layer Registration .002" .051mm
Maximum Finished PCB Thickness .400" 10.16mm
Minimum Component Pitch (testing) .004" .102mm
Minimum Dielectric Thickness .0015" .038mm
Maximum Number of Layers 28 28
Minimum Plated Hole Size .003" .076mm
Maximum Aspect Ratio 16:1 16:1

Test Parameters 250-1000 Volts, 20-50 ohm resist, 20-50 mega ohm isolation
Impedance Control +/- 5%
Surface Finishes, HASL Lead and Lead Free, Immersion Silver, Immersion Ni/Au (ENIG), OSP
Other Capabilities: Flex, Rigid Flex, Via Fill, Blind/Buried Vias, Aluminum Core, Edge Castellation (plated edges)